AgroGrIN Tech was created to help food industries to manage their fruits & vegetables waste, complying with the EU directives and turning their business circular. Besides, the environment, the reduction of food waste and the decrease of CO2 production is important for us. Find the explanation of the most current trending concepts in the area and feel free to ask for more!

green concepts


Converting old or non-use materials into new materials of higher quality, increased functionality and value.

Circular Economy

Economic concept to promote the sustainable development and an alternative to the current linear economy.

The circular model is based on the principle that all products should be reuse leading to the continuing and positive development of the value chain and increase the value of the natural resources, decreasing the negative environmental impact associated with the deposition.

Currently, is a popular concept promoted by the EU and by many businesses around the world, which implies cost savings and increasing the competitiveness.

Green deal

A new sustainable strategy for economic growth adopted by the European Commission in late 2019. One of the most important tasks in the realisation of this strategy is the mobilisation of the industry for a clean and circular economy.

The European Union has stated repeatedly its aim to be at the forefront of global action against climate change. The EU has adopted policies to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and support energy from clean sources, while being active in international climate negotiations.

Clean label

Clean label is the name given to products using only few ingredients, coming from natural production and think of all as a wholesome.

More green question?

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