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Our Mission

The AgroGrIN Tech mission is to add value from the food waste produced in the fruit production and processing businesses, through application of eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions. AgroGrIN Tech applies new technologies and processes to develop new biobased compounds generating new revenues streams, while decreasing the environmental pollution and economic losses associated with the business, turning into more sustainable companies.


The vision of AgroGrIN Tech is to be a global leading company committed to the sustainability, helping to improve the environmental, economical and social sectors associated with fruit supply chain, offering innovative and technological solutions to deal with the food waste production.

What we do?

AgroGrIN Tech delivers sustainable solutions for a sustainable world with tangible, eco-friendly and cost-effective processes by promoting efficient management of fruit waste, avoiding environmental and economic issues. AgroGrIN Tech developed an innovative and eco-friendly process to transform the industrial fruit waste into functional food ingredients, valorising all the waste. In addition, the company has a patent technology that enables to separate natural functional ingredients, which is fundamental to carry out AgroGrIN Tech process.

“100% of waste stream valorization”
AgroGrIN Tech services allow a zero-waste approach, which mean all the fruit waste is valorised when applied our process and technology, transforming the 100% of waste into natural food ingredients.

“Natural ingredients from food waste”
By the implementation of AgroGrIN Tech solution in the fruit producers and processors facilities, several functional food ingredients can be obtained, including natural enzymes, vitamins extracts, fruit flours and dehydrates juices, which can be used for human consumption.


Patent technology

Circular economy implementation

Zero-waste approach

Feasible and modular implementation

High value creation from food waste

Sustainable process

Team members

Débora Campos

PhD in Biotechnology

Ana Vilas Boas

MSC in Food Engineering

Ricardo Gómez

PhD in Biotechnology

João Peixoto

Master in Business and Administration

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